Why Every Business Needs Outsourced Expertise to Help it Grow

You know your business

You’re an expert in what your business does. It’s why you’re in business; you understand every element of the supply chain, every step of the process required to deliver your end product or service. You love meeting your customers and understanding what they want, and then providing it for them BUT that’s not all there is to your business.

What is not your strength?

There are some other things that all businesses need that probably aren’t among your strengths. (See my blog on why you need an organisation chart.) Some of these things are critical to your business – if they aren’t done, you won’t have a business:

  • Accountant/book-keeper/Financial Director
    • To keep your books in order for the tax man and keep you up-to-date with how the business is doing and what needs attention
  • Admin support
    • To keep you and your records (paper and electronic) organised and ensure your customers feel looked after
  • Marketing consultant
    • To advise on the best strategy and mixture of media to use for your business

What else does a business need?

Other expertise will help to make your business stronger, more robust, more competitive, more effective and efficient, improve growth, reduce wastage, keep you out of court. These incude:

  • Business advisor/coach/mentor
  • IT consultant
  • Website designer/builder
  • HR support
  • Graphic designer
  • Sales advice
  • Lawyer

So why don’t businesses outsource?

Given the long list of expertise that can help make your business more successful, why doesn’t every business use them?

Owner-managers of businesses can be reluctant to bring in outside help because:

  • It will cost money and they aren’t always sure how much – or how long their commitment will be
  • They can’t tell whether someone really can do what they are talking about or is just good at talking about it
  • They don’t really know what they need. Something isn’t working, but they don’t know what – or how to find out
  • They think they can do it themselves: How hard can it be to do my books/send some tweets/write an e-newsletter, a press release or a grievance procedure?
  • They think they don’t need it: We’ve managed without social media/staff contracts/on-line booking/CRM for twenty years. Why do we need it now?

Why outsourcing is good for you and your business

  • Using experts frees up your time and your head-space to focus on your business
  • You stop spending your time doing things you hate, badly and slowly
  • You take advantage of others’ experience, knowledge and capability to give your business a boost
  • Outsourced expertise helps businesses grow more quickly by applying specialised knowledge where it is needed

How do you find the expert you need?

  • Networking – either in a business network or at the golf club. This is a great way to get to know suppliers before you commit to using them
  • Ask other business owners for referrals – make sure you trust their judgement and advice
  • Use your existing trusted suppliers – accountant, lawyer, business advisor

Susie Collings helps businesses to run better – creating a good foundation for higher profit margins, loyal customers and staff, winning new business, easily adapting to change and growing sustainably.

If you want to build a robust framework for your business, find expert help or discuss any of the points raised, please call Susie on 0118 380 0545 or email info@exilia.co.uk

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